Volume 3, Issue 2 (2012)

Full Publication in PDF


Editors’ Note


Sovereignty and Intervention

Rebuilding Libya: The Importance of Bridging Formal and Information Structures of Power
Ryan Nichols

Aboriginal Self-Government in Nunavut
Beth Elder

An Argument for Land Use Agreements in the British Columbia Treaty Process
John Blattler


Agricultural Policy

Ways but not a Will: Addressing Nitrate Contamination on Prince Edward Island
Alison K. Shott


Politics and Policy

Party-driven and Citizen-driven Campaigning
Andrea Holmes
E Pluribus Unum: Municipal Amalgamation and the City of Toronto
James Janeiro

At a Disadvantage? An Analysis of the Orientation for Newly Elected MPPs in Ontario’s By-Elections
Aviva Levy

In Conversation

An Interview with David Zussman

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