Canada’s Policy Transformations – January 17 2018

Good morning PPGR enthusiasts! As we wind down the celebrations for Canada’s sesquicentennial, this week’s Morning Brief is a special edition, highlighting Canada’s Policy Transformations: The Last 50 and the Next, a major conference where both academics and policy influencers reflected on the country’s past in order to speculate about its future. This week’s Morning Brief was […]

Diversity and Rights: The Evolution of Pluralism

Niha Shahzad Canada is often lauded by other countries for its policies on equality and diversity. In 1986, the UN even awarded the Nansen Award to the people of Canada for their constant contribution to the cause of refugees, the only time the award was given to a nation. But the panel on equity and […]

The Federation: Is Canadian Federalism Fit to Meet the Challenges of the Future?

Scott Surphlis National anniversaries often act as symbolic moments of reflection and reawakening. Indeed, Canada’s 150th anniversary has proven to be no different. Fifty years ago, centennial euphoria swept the nation. A political awakening would follow, one that would push the federation to confront the divisions that lay below the shimmer of Canada’s colonial veneer. […]

Intergenerational Equity and Social Policy

Jasmine Lam At the Canada 150 Conference, Carolyn Tuohy (University of Toronto) moderated a panel  on Intergenerational Equity and Social Policy featuring John Myles (University of Toronto), Daniel Béland, (University of Saskatchewan) and Joseph Heath (University of Toronto). Fitting with the conference’s theme of examining transformative policies over the last and next 50 years in […]

The Environment and Natural Resources: from Silent Spring to Climate Change

Cindy Liu and Tom Piekarski The fifth panel of the Canada’s Policy Transformation conference focused on the environment and natural resources. The panel’s speakers were Professor Jennifer Winter from the University of Calgary, Deborah McGregor from York University, and Matti Siemiatycki from the University of Toronto. Professor Jennifer Winter opened the panel with insight on […]

50 Years of Election Promises, Public Policy and Democracy in Canada

Sacha Forstner and Katerina Stamadianos How can we hold government officials accountable to the public who elected them? Whatever the method, we first need to determine what exactly we are holding them accountable for. To do so, we often compare a government’s policies and actions to the promises they made during their election. Typically, the […]