Volume 2, Issue 1 (2010)

Full Publication in PDF


Editors’ Note
The Sylvia Ostry Prize in Public Policy


The Institutionalized Disposability of Temporary Migrant Workers: Assessing the Canadian Low-Skilled Foreign Worker Program
Giselle Valarezo
Putting Diversity in Uniform: A Brief Examination of Visible Minority Recruitment in the Canadian Forces
Ernest Chong
Canada’s Coalition Conundrum: An Analysis of Debate on Democratic Legitimacy
Alexander Sculthorpe
“Don’t Jam Jarvis”: Consultation and Governance in Urban Design
Alex Stoutley

Policy Recommendation

A Measure of Security: Towards a Quantified Evaluation of Canada’s National Security Policy
Ramzi A. Nashef


Daphne Meredith
Chief Human Resources Officer of the Government of Canada
Elly Alboim
Former Chief Advisor to Paul Martin

The Lefebvre Austruther Maingy Questionnaire

Michael Hart
Simon Reisman Chair in Trade Policy, Professor of International Affairs

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