Western Canada’s Carbon Sink Advantage

Paul Pryce The Government of Saskatchewan recently introduced another important dynamic to the climate change discussion in Canada: the issue of carbon sinks. The Saskatchewan White Paper on Climate Change, released on October 18, 2016, highlights the role of wetlands, forests, and farmland in naturally capturing and storing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and other biological […]

Down the Cylinder Part 2: The National Energy Board and pipeline regulation

Ian T.D. Thomson My last pipeline explainer left us on a policy cliff-hanger. Pipelines are crucial to Canada’s economy and energy infrastructure. As the primary mode of transportation for resources, they connect our exports to the United States. The history of pipelines in Canada dates back over 150 years, with some of the first pipeline […]

Endangering Extinction: Assessing Canada’s effort for vulnerable populations

Ian T. D. Thomson A new report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reveals that nearly two-thirds of all wildlife will be eliminated by 2020. While many have criticized the organization’s statistical methods for obtaining this grand conclusion (i.e. the study has been said to not adequately represent species in South America), the report’s main […]

Seen and Heard: Naheed Nenshi on Policy and Politics

Scarlett Jones Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi was introduced at the Rotman School of Management on October 21st as “His Worship the Mayor of Calgary” and “a policy rock star.” The politics-policy duality implied in his introduction, made by the Director Mark Stabile of the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance, was a reoccurring […]

The Human Cost of the XL Recall

Daniella Dávila Aquije XL Foods has been at the center of an international recall scandal for the past couple of months. Over 1 million pounds of beef have been recalled from stores in the US, Canada, and even China. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, Canadian Food Inspection Agency President George Da Pont, Alberta Premier Alison Redford, […]