New Year, New Look for the Public Policy & Governance Review


“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. 

This famous Churchill quote perfectly encapsulates the frame of mind that has driven the Public Policy & Governance Review (PPGR) over the past few months – and it is one that explains the many changes you currently see before you.

As the Co-Editors-in-Chief for 2014-15, we have made change a top priority. Building upon an already strong foundation, we have sought to enhance the publication’s online presence to remain consistent with the evolving trends of new media, and to push for an increase in readership. In doing so, we developed a distinct new look; something modern, accessible, and capable of attracting a wider audience of graduate students and policy professionals alike to read and contribute to the PPGR’s diverse policy insights and analyses.

We are, however, more than a just a pretty face. In addition to the aesthetic upgrades undertaken this summer, brand new content has been planned that we are excited to share. Through ‘PPGR Abroad‘ the PPGR will, for the first time ever, feature content written by School of Public Policy & Governance candidates studying abroad, providing policy insights and analyses direct from Berlin and Paris. We also aim to publish interviews with policy makers and practitioners with more regularity and greater vigour, and are working with the popular current affairs radio show Beyond the Headlines to develop unique content for our blog.

For now, we welcome you to the PPGR’s new online home. We hope you stay a while and click around.

We are currently recruiting  Editorial Assistants and Associate Editors, for those of you who may wish to apply to join us in guiding the success of this new chapter. If you would like to contribute a policy-related blog post to be featured online, we encourage you to contact us at For those hoping to be featured in the next publication of the PPGR’s bi-annual academic journal, check back in September for the official call for submissions for Volume 6, Issue 1.

It is our goal to make this year the PPGR’s best yet and updating its look was only the first step in this process. Throughout 2014-15, we aim to raise the quality of content published both online and in print, as well as increase our readership and levels of engagement. We hope that you can join us along the way.


Lindsay Handren & Matteo Pirri
2014-2015 PPGR Co-Editors


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