Public Policy and Governance Review Volume 5, Issue 1 is Released

ppgr5Good morning readers,

With four months of work, dozens of excellent submissions, and the diligence of our editorial staff both here at the University of Toronto and across Canada, we’re happy to present the first issue of Volume 5 of the Public Policy and Governance Review. Special thanks to our faculty advisors here at the University – Professors Ian Clark, Irvin Studin and Linda White; and our professional advisors out there in the world: Andrew Coyne, Michael Valpy and Alastair Cheng.

In these pages you’ll find top-quality graduate-level work on a variety of subjects: local food systems, HIV and public policy, the economics of the Ontario Mining Sector, and the problems of regulation in the North Atlantic fisheries industry. This issue reaffirms that the next generation of policy workers in this country have their feet planted on the ground, with their eyes fixed not on a far horizon, but firmly on the world around them.

We think there’s no better place for them to be.

Here’s a link to the Full Publication, in high resolution (16 MB)

Or head over to the Current Issue page, to read by section.


Wyndham Bettencourt-McCarthy and Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston, PPGR Editors-in-Chief

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