Volume 4 Issue 2



The Public Policy and Governance Review is pleased to announce the release of Volume 4 Issue 2.

The Winter 2013 issue opens with two papers that examine changing approaches to public administration: the use of incentives to improve worker performance in the public sector, and the shift from technocracy in the health policy process. The impacts of Canadian disability policy and minimum wage legislation are considered from an evidence-based perspective. On the international front, the development of the responsibility to protect doctrine is analyzed through the norm life cycle framework. Authors question the efficacy of two development policies: land tenure reform in Kenya’s Maasailand, and CIDA’s maternal, newborn and child health strategy. Fresh insights are provided in the Commentary section on bribery in the Arab world and provincial involvement in international trade policy. The issue closes with a look at the development of self-government at Westbank First Nation. 

We hope you enjoy.

Max Greenwald and Adina Serbanescu
Editors-in-Chief, Public Policy and Governance Review

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