Under Construction

Later this week the Public Policy and Governance Review website will be undergoing construction. We are in the process of adding a few new features and changing the general layout.

Authors: As part of our efforts to increase the site’s readability and ease-of-use, we will be re-categorizing some posts. By limiting the number of categories, there will be more connections between the articles, analysis, opinions and critiques that make up the Public Policy and Governance Review. After these changes, if you feel your post has been mis-categorized, please contact us at editors@ppgreview.ca. Otherwise, you do not have to take any action. All posts will be preserved and maintained on the re-vamped ppgreview.ca.

Thank you for your patience during this process. We think you’ll find the new format adds functionality and further showcases PPGR’s high caliber writing and policy insight.

Adina Serbanescu and Max Greenwald 
Co-Editors-in-chief, Public Policy and Governance Review 2012-2013

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