Uber Eats Social: A Creative Policy Solution to Food Insecurity

by Harpreet Sahota In the 2018 winter semester, nine SPPG students participated in a six-week intensive course jointly developed by the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance and Evergreen, a national charitable organization that connects with citizens and stakeholders to create sustainable cities. The course, “Making an Impact from the Outside,” was […]

Why is London banning Uber?

Caleb Holden On September 22nd, Greater London’s municipal transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), announced that it would not renew Uber’s five-year operating licence beyond its September 30th expiration date, highlighting the ride-sharing company’s “lack of corporate responsibility” as an important factor in their decision. Should the decision stand, it will have a major impact […]

Driving Policy Change: Are Governments Ready For Automated Vehicles?

Madeline Rowland At first glance it may seem as though the car, arguably one of the most significant innovations of the twentieth century, has remained relatively unchanged since its creation. Minor improvements, such as four-wheel drive or blind-spot sensors, have streamlined the driving experience, but despite these incremental improvements, the fundamental relationship between the driver and […]

Off to the Races: Why Fantasy Sports Should be Regulated

Jasjit Goraya When one hears about fantasy sports, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a flashy website, a behemoth stadium, or a chiselled basketball player. Last month, comedian John Oliver changed that image when he described the fantasy sports industry—and the lack of regulation surrounding it. Oliver claimed that fantasy sports companies […]