What does the TPP deal mean for environmental protection?

Jordann Thirgood On October 5, 2015, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal was officially struck between 12 nations that surround the Pacific Ocean. If all countries choose to ratify, this will create the world’s largest free trade zone, impacting 800 million people and totaling a trade value of $28.5 trillion – approximately 40 per cent of […]

Could the TPP be the answer to Canada’s productivity problem?

Creig Lamb It is no secret that Canada has a productivity problem. There is also no denying that if the election candidates continue to sweep this issue under the rug, our collective well-being as Canadians will suffer. Despite this looming issue, there has been disturbingly little mention of productivity on the campaign trail. However, with […]

Trade and Compromise with China: The Downplay of Human Rights

Lauren Wyman In recent months, the governments of Canada and China have been on a relationship roller-coaster. Accusations of a Chinese cyber attack on the National Research Council emerged in July, and just a few weeks later Canadian citizens Kevin and Julia Garratt were detained under allegations of espionage in what many believe to have […]

Under the Influence: Regulating the Interprovincial Trade of Alcohol

Lindsay Handren Later this week, the Council of the Federation is set to meet in Charlottetown to discuss and take action on shared priorities in the Canadian federation. In the weeks leading up to the annual meeting, internal trade has resurfaced as a key issue, with the Western Premiers going so far as to sign […]