Renewal and Redevelopment Reloaded: How Do We Up Toronto’s Housing Game

Shelby Challis Toronto is becoming unlivable. With a growing segment of its population suffering from precarious and inadequate housing, some would consider the city to be in the midst of crisis of housing affordability, however, this is fundamentally a city in crisis. The cost of living in Toronto, even for those who obtain access to […]

More Than Just A Roof: Why Toronto’s Affordable Housing Struggles to Meet the Needs of Tenants with Mental Illness

Celine Caira According to psychologist Abraham Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs,” security and shelter rank second only to basic physiological needs as the most vital requisites for human survival. There is significance to Maslow’s approach, since it is still telling today. Community health literature maintains that access to secure, adequate, and affordable housing is a key social […]

Three Policy Issues to Watch for This September

Deanna Veltri Coming off the heels of an eventful summer recess, Parliament is set to reconvene on Monday, September 15. A new Northern Canada Research Program, controversial prostitution legislation, and an overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program marked only a few of the major policy moves made over the summer months. Standing on the […]

Seen and Heard: City of Toronto CCO on Getting Ahead in Public Service

Heather Paszat Josie Scioli knows all about hard work. Born in the Azores, Portugal, she immigrated to Toronto with her family while still very young. Like many immigrant families, Scioli’s parents wanted their children to have a prosperous life, and they worked tirelessly picking worms, cleaning houses, and working other laborious jobs to enable their […]