Web Summit 2015: The Davos of Geeks

Shelby Challis This month  marked the 6th annual Web Summit, the largest technology conference in the world, held annually in Dublin, Ireland. The conference welcomed a record-breaking 42,000 attendees from 134 countries across the globe. On offer were hundreds of speakers discussing a range of topics that included Big Data, cybersecurity, clicktivism, neuroscience, and, of […]

Why Local Food Matters in Ontario

Matteo Pirri With the constant barrage of attack ads, Twitter hashtags, and political commentary leading up to Election Day next Thursday, you would be forgiven for failing to notice that Ontario is currently in the midst of its first official Local Food Week, which began today and runs until June 8. Local Food Week was […]

Can Big Data Save the Environment?

This week on the PPGR we are talking Big Data in the lead up to this year’s Ford+SPPG Conference, an annual academic policy event between the SPPG and the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Follow us on Twitter @FordSPPG  for the latest updates on the conference and interesting Big Data-related news articles. Evan Brander Big data analytics–the […]

Clean Canadian Energy: Missing the Opportunity of a Generation

Throughout our history, generation after generation of Canadians have faced up to the tremendous challenges of their times. From the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway to the introduction of Medicare, we have not been afraid to take the big steps necessary to achieve our policy goals. As we drift into the 21st century, however, […]