If They Don’t Complain, We Will (Continue to) Build It: China’s Latest Fait Accompli in the South China Sea

Ernest Chong Geopolitical debate often aspires to acta non verba (“deeds, not words”). In the South China Sea, Beijing has seemingly embraced this aspiration wholeheartedly as the region’s honey badger. China’s latest act of fearless indifference? Spending the past year terraforming brand-new islands in the Sea’s hotly-contested Spratlys region. While it is not the first […]

My Summer Was Great, How Was Yours? Rounding Up Summer Happenings in the Asia-Pacific

Ernest Chong It’s been a rather eventful summer in Pacific Asia. This three-part mini-series will briefly examine some highlights that have regional and global implications. We begin with a look at the region’s territorial disputes and a major failure on the part of the region’s cooperative organization, ASEAN. Much Ado about Islands The Asia-Pacific region was […]