Weapons of Mass Disruption: How Anti-Trump Protests Are Using Social Media to Change Policy

Celine Caira The U.S. President Donald Trump’s election and subsequent storm of executive orders provoked numerous protests around the globe. Most notably, the Women’s March on Washington garnered participation from an estimated 2.5 million people in more than 670 protests worldwide, from Capetown to Tokyo, in solidarity against the freshly inaugurated President’s agenda. Protests also […]

Constructing Trudeau: A Picture Perfect Honeymoon

Ali Nasser Virji Sitting in the E.J. Pratt Library days before the one-year anniversary of Justin Trudeau’s convincing ascent to power, Jonathan tapped my shoulder and pointed to his computer screen. The Prime Minister, apparently, had never met Drake, but feels that the Toronto icon is “really good” at “what he does.” “Don’t you find […]

#Charity: Taking Welfare Viral

Haris Khan It’s happened to everyone: the 12-year old down the street knocks on your door, and she’s raising money for cancer research, or the homeless, or heart disease. It doesn’t really matter what the cause is: odds are that your heart melted, and you handed the kid a five dollar bill. Meanwhile, the pre-addressed […]

Seen and Heard: Social Media and Privacy Legislation

Max Greenwald How can legislation protect our privacy when it comes to social media? Before we can have a proper discussion about policy action, we have to take a step back and understand the dynamics of social media. The thing is, the erosion of our privacy by sites like Facebook is not a violation—it is […]

The Digital Revolution is Turning into a Real Revolution

Last Friday there was fire in Cairo, Alexandria, and Suez and the CBC’s main story was about a TTC driver caught texting. Two governments are overthrown in key Arab countries and all the major Canadian networks appear to be clueless. The funny thing is that this is not surprising. For my generation, it is a […]