Down the Cylinder Part 2: The National Energy Board and pipeline regulation

Ian T.D. Thomson My last pipeline explainer left us on a policy cliff-hanger. Pipelines are crucial to Canada’s economy and energy infrastructure. As the primary mode of transportation for resources, they connect our exports to the United States. The history of pipelines in Canada dates back over 150 years, with some of the first pipeline […]

Down the Cylinder: A Rundown on Canadian Pipelines

Ian T. D. Thomson Near the end of 2016, pipelines were at the top of everyone’s agenda. The Trudeau government approved two major pipeline projects in Canada— Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain and Enbridge’s Line 3. Environmental and Indigenous activists in North Dakota proclaimed victory as the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline was halted with plans […]

The Centre Cannot Hold: What the Oil Crash Means for Wage Disparity, Part II

Mike Robichaux This month, Alberta hit a milestone. For the first time since oilsands production began its feverish twenty-first century expansion, unemployment in the province topped 7.4 per cent. Compared to the 7.0 per cent national average, this may not seem like such a catastrophe, but embedded in that figure is a bleak new economic reality: […]

Seen and Heard: SPPG’s First Forum on Aboriginal Policy

Silvia Ciobotaru First Nations hold a unique place in Canadian history. While Aboriginal groups played a key role in the establishment of our country, centuries of discrimination and disenfranchisement have resulted in a number of disturbing realities. In recent decades, issues affecting Aboriginal communities including lack of education and housing, unemployment, substance addiction, and criminalization […]