Why Canadians Need More Vacation

Shannon Brooks  On the day after Halloween, the city of Paris buzzed with the air of school holidays and a national holiday (All Saints’ Day) for workers. There’s a clear divide between North American countries and European countries like France in terms of the emphasis they place on leisure, and their investment in social well-being. […]

New Government, New Review: The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Alyssa Wali The temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) has been a fixture in Canadian immigration policy since 1973. The program was created to fill vacant employment positions throughout Canada, although it initially was limited to allowing only foreign agricultural workers and live-in caregivers entry to Canada. However, the program has been expanded to allow low-skilled […]

Brush up on your Economic Literacy with a Primer on Employment Multipliers

Jenny Mutton Reports have surfaced showing that the Ontario government just spent another large sum to keep the Medical and Related Sciences (MaRS) partnership afloat. Nationally, the Canadian government is going through with a $15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, despite human rights concerns over its recent execution of 47 people. Inevitably in the […]

Employment Precarity in Ontario and the Living Wage

Cayla Baarda This past October, labour union Unifor hosted a ‘Good Jobs Summit’ in Toronto highlighting the need to develop practical public policy responses to the ongoing problem of creating good jobs. A few weeks later, on November 16, the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act (or Bill 18) passed third reading in the Ontario legislature. The […]