The GM Closure in Oshawa and the Future of the Auto Industry in Canada

by Daniel Blazekovic On November 7, 1953, production began at the Oshawa General Motors (GM) assembly plant. A century later, the Oshawa plant has become “the most decorated plant with 29 J.D. Power awards, [with] a proven track record of great quality and customer satisfaction.” On November 26, more than 65 years after GM began […]

Brush up on your Economic Literacy with a Primer on Employment Multipliers

Jenny Mutton Reports have surfaced showing that the Ontario government just spent another large sum to keep the Medical and Related Sciences (MaRS) partnership afloat. Nationally, the Canadian government is going through with a $15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, despite human rights concerns over its recent execution of 47 people. Inevitably in the […]

On the Theory of the Firm and the Economics of Bullshit Jobs

Brent Barron If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you have a bullshit job. Bullshit jobs–as defined by a recent article in Strike! Magazine–are jobs that seem an awful lot like they might have been created just to keep people busy now that we’ve automated the ability to actually make things: “We have seen […]