The Centre Cannot Hold: What the Oil Crash Means for Wage Disparity, Part II

Mike Robichaux This month, Alberta hit a milestone. For the first time since oilsands production began its feverish twenty-first century expansion, unemployment in the province topped 7.4 per cent. Compared to the 7.0 per cent national average, this may not seem like such a catastrophe, but embedded in that figure is a bleak new economic reality: […]

Renewal and Redevelopment Reloaded: How Do We Up Toronto’s Housing Game

Shelby Challis Toronto is becoming unlivable. With a growing segment of its population suffering from precarious and inadequate housing, some would consider the city to be in the midst of crisis of housing affordability, however, this is fundamentally a city in crisis. The cost of living in Toronto, even for those who obtain access to […]

Toronto the (Not So) Good

Mohamad Yaghi According to a report published last February by United Way Toronto, Toronto has become Canada’s epicenter of income inequality. Based on studies conducted by Statistics Canada and Research Data Centre Toronto, between 1980 and 2005 income inequality grew by 31 percent. Once Canada’s second highest city in income inequality, Toronto has skyrocketed to […]

C’est Chic: Paris’ New and Improved Affordable Housing Strategy

Brynne Moore In what is being described as one of the most radical proposals that Europe has ever seen, Paris is redesigning the way that cities can offer affordable housing in the future. In June of 2015, Paris city officials allocated three new pre-existing mixed-income buildings to French social housing, in the first and eighth […]

Seen and Heard: The Growing Income Gap in Toronto

Shannon Brooks On October 15th, 2015, United Way hosted an open discussion on income inequality entitled, “What’s next on the agenda and what can we do?” The panelists included Kofi Hope, David Hulchanski, Susan McIssac, and Graeme Stewart, each armed with a different set of background knowledge on the topic of social inequality in Toronto. In light […]