What is “conception”? It’s not as clear as many people think

Marvin JS Ferrer Out of millions of sperm, only one will fertilize an egg. The term “conception” is commonly used to describe this specific moment, and is also often treated as synonymous with the beginning of “pregnancy.” Many people think conception is a clearly defined moment, and pro-life positions are underpinned by the idea that, […]

The Next Wave of Health Care that No One is Talking About

Jonathan Kates In a classic Simpsons episode, Bart is having trouble in school and starts acting out – what else is new – but his teacher, Mrs. Krabappel, realizes the cause of his behaviour isn’t psychological, but physical: Bart can’t see the chalkboard. The next day he arrives to class wearing thick-inched glasses and voilà! […]

Eye for an Eye: Addressing Ontario’s Tissue Donation Shortage

Jordann Thirgood It’s the holiday season. A time of year when it’s common to see intense public campaigns emphasizing the importance of giving to those in need – and not just giving gifts under the tree but also human blood, bones, and skin. Initiatives like the Canadian Blood Services’ “Wrap it Up” campaign remind us that blood […]

Canada Should Focus on Health Rather than Healthcare

Steven Lamothe Most Canadians of all political stripes have immense pride in Canada’s universal public healthcare system, with many considering it an integral part of the Canadian identity. It is no surprise then that many Canadians list the continued funding of the public healthcare system as one of their main concerns when casting their votes, […]