Proposed Changes for Natural Health Products, Over the Counter Drugs, and Cosmetic Regulation in Canada: A Brief Overview

Marvin JS Ferrer A previous article authored by Marvin JS Ferrer noted that Health Canada is currently reviewing its regulations regarding natural health products in Canada. What is the current regulatory framework? Natural health products (NHPs), along with cosmetics and non-prescription drugs, are the three product types that fall under the broad category of “self-care products” […]

Opinion: Has Canada Done Enough in the Fight Against Ebola?

Tracy Wang On Thursday, October 23, Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for Ebola at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital. Spencer, who had been working in West Africa with Doctors Without Borders, marked the fourth case of the infection being diagnosed in the United States. As the number of confirmed Ebola cases rises past 10,000 (of which nearly 5,000 patients have […]

Why More Seniors Are ‘Living Apart Together’ and What it Means for Health Policy

Daphne Cheung In a recent Maclean’s article, writer Manisha Krishnan expressed surprise over older couples who are in a committed relationship but do not live in the same residence. This emerging family demographic, known as “living apart together (LAT),” is being recognised in Canada, Britain, and Australia, and in United Nations Economic for Europe (UNECE) […]