Canada’s International Altruism: Reconciling our Self-image with Reality

Madeline Rowland The image of Canada as a global peacekeeper and champion of development is a salient part of our collective national consciousness. The formation of the (now-defunct) Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in 1968 secured the position of aid and development on the political agenda, at least for CIDA’s 45-year lifespan. Prime Ministers of […]

Why Canada Needs an Official Development Policy Framework

James Nelson  For the last 24 years, the Government of Canada has made the first week of February International Development Week.  This year’s theme, “We are Making a Difference,” encourages individual Canadians to share their personal experiences of how they feel they are contributing to change by working on development projects. The week fails to […]

Development Aid: Evolving Conventional Wisdoms and the Case of Rwanda

Shranna Jaggernath, Elana Pal, and Saeed Selvam On his final day as the UK’s International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell reinstated 16 million pounds of development aid to Rwanda despite concerns over Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s human rights record and a recent UN report alleging that the Rwandan government is arming a rebellion in Congo, which […]

Weathering the Changes to Foreign Aid Provision

Maybelle Szeto This past decade has seen a plethora of natural disasters plague many countries and continents; few regions have remained unscathed.  Sustained international financial and food aid are crucial to affected countries during their recovery and rebuilding processes in the aftermath of these crises. Most recently, Hurricane Sandy serves as a reminder to Canadians […]