Electoral Reform: A Case of Orchestrated Failure?

Natalie Brunet Shortly after coming to power, the federal Liberal government announced in their Speech from the Throne that 2015 would be the “last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post [FPTP] voting system.”  Motivation for change The main argument advanced against FPTP systems is that they often produce significant distortion between the number of seats […]


Ali Nasser Virji & Jonathan Kates “Because it’s 2015.” In his first act as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau named a cabinet that is not only gender-balanced, but also societally-representative. It contains five ministers of South Asian descent, eight that identify as belonging to First Nations communities, and two persons with disabilities. While some have criticized […]

The Value of Votes: The Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto

In light of Toronto’s upcoming municipal election, the PPGR is dedicating this week to a special series of posts that focus on municipal policy issues. Be sure to check back tomorrow to read up on another topic of municipal interest. Cayla Baarda The Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto (RaBIT) is a campaign to introduce ranked […]