Transit and Tax Credits: A Lesson in Preparing Your Audience

Jonathan Kates  Immediately following the release of Budget 2017, I found myself caught up in a whirlwind of opposing viewpoints thanks to the Liberal government’s discontinuation of the Public Transit Tax Credit (PTTC). Normally, I would welcome such discussion, but in this case, it quickly became apparent that members were sorting themselves into two groups. […]

Experiments Are Not Just for Scientists Anymore

Marvin JS Ferrer The 4th Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop answers big questions about why citizens do what they do US Republicans who are aware that the fast-food chain Wendy’s donates to members of the Republican Party, will choose to eat at Wendy’s more often than those who aren’t. Democrats who are aware of the association, however, […]

Canada needs a Parliamentary Science Officer

Alexia Bystrzycki The past nine years have not been halcyon times for the state of science in Canada. Previous instances, including the decision to scrap the long form census as well as the unprecedented investigation by the Information Commissioner into complaints of “muzzled” Canadian scientists in the public service, have earned the former Conservative government the […]