A Radioactive Policy: What to Do with High-level Nuclear Waste

Ian T. D. Thomson The world of nuclear energy generation presents an interesting paradox. With the USSR connecting the first nuclear power plant to the electricity grid in 1954, many applaud nuclear for being a clean, cheap, abundant and non-C02 emitting source of energy generation. Yet there remains a fear of nuclear meltdowns and of […]

Power Struggles: Energy Security and Equality in Canada

Tara Sackett Interest by remote Indigenous communities in Canada for building alternative energy systems – including renewable projects such as run-of-river hydro and wind, but also systems such as wind-diesel hybrids or combined heat and power – has been increasing in recent decades. “Off-grid” communities, which are not connected to the main electricity grid, may […]

Who Owns the Power: Governance Issues for Electricity Distribution Utilities

Katelyn Margerm “To own or not to own?” The question was the topic of conversation at last week’s conference on the governance of municipally-owned electricity distribution utilities hosted by the Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity in Markham. The question was timely, as days earlier Toronto mayoral hopeful Karen Stintz revealed her pitch to sell […]