MaRS Future of Work Conference: Preparing the Labour Force for the AI Age

Andrew Abballe  On November 24, 2016 MaRS Discovery District hosted a panel entitled “Future of Work: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,” which featured a discussion between technological entrepreneurs on the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for the labour market. The State of AI Today Contrary to some claims, AI is not expected to make humans obsolete […]

Why Canadians Need More Vacation

Shannon Brooks  On the day after Halloween, the city of Paris buzzed with the air of school holidays and a national holiday (All Saints’ Day) for workers. There’s a clear divide between North American countries and European countries like France in terms of the emphasis they place on leisure, and their investment in social well-being. […]

Brush up on your Economic Literacy with a Primer on Employment Multipliers

Jenny Mutton Reports have surfaced showing that the Ontario government just spent another large sum to keep the Medical and Related Sciences (MaRS) partnership afloat. Nationally, the Canadian government is going through with a $15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, despite human rights concerns over its recent execution of 47 people. Inevitably in the […]

Small Business, Big Loophole

Connor Colvin  Every major federal political party supports small business. They’ll confidently tell you that they are the ones with the best plan to help small businesses. The “low-tax “ Conservatives are proposing cutting the small business tax rate from 11 per cent to 9 per cent. On the other hand, the “pro-middle class” Liberals […]

Working Women and the Growing Costs of Childcare

Brynne Moore Last week, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released ‘The Parent Trap’, a report outlining the discrepancies between childcare costs across Canada, indexed to women’s earnings. The report found that parents in Toronto are paying the highest monthly childcare costs of any city in Canada, averaging about $1676 per child — amounting to […]

Canada Post Reforms Prove Hasty and Unpopular

 Delaney Cummings Canada Post recently announced controversial changes that will effect home mail delivery and the cost of stamps. Home delivery will be phased out over the next five years for five million Canadian households, and the cost of stamps will be raised from 63 cents to 85 cents by March 31, 2013. These changes […]