Is it time for us to break up with GDP?

By: Lawrence Zhang How do we measure the economic well-being of a country?  Despite the popularity of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the end-all-be-all measure of economic activity, many would argue that GDP is far from the best way to measure economic well-being. From news reports, to speeches by politicians, to international publications, GDP […]

The GM Closure in Oshawa and the Future of the Auto Industry in Canada

by Daniel Blazekovic On November 7, 1953, production began at the Oshawa General Motors (GM) assembly plant. A century later, the Oshawa plant has become “the most decorated plant with 29 J.D. Power awards, [with] a proven track record of great quality and customer satisfaction.” On November 26, more than 65 years after GM began […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Canada: A Complicated Opportunity

by Kyle Muir The Government of Canada’s recent decision to block the purchase of Aecon Group Inc. by Chinese state owned enterprise (SOE) CCCC International Holdings Ltd. for $1.5 billion in the interest of ‘national security’ is the just latest example of the country’s habit of placing politics ahead of economic prosperity when faced with […]

Looking beyond GDP: Measuring prosperity in Ontario

Christal Huang Ontario, how well are we doing? The Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity (ICP) launched its Working Paper, Looking Beyond GDP: Measuring Prosperity in Ontario on October 13, 2016, to explore this question. As the title of the Working Paper suggests, ICP sought to use broader measures given the limits of what the GDP captures. […]

New Government, New Review: The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Alyssa Wali The temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) has been a fixture in Canadian immigration policy since 1973. The program was created to fill vacant employment positions throughout Canada, although it initially was limited to allowing only foreign agricultural workers and live-in caregivers entry to Canada. However, the program has been expanded to allow low-skilled […]

Weighing our Economic Options for the 2015 Downturn

Akbar Khurshid There is a sense in which youths in Canada are perennially told they were late. In the policy world, we missed out on the simple policymaking of the good old days; back when the gold standard was a thing, the front page of the newspaper was the main media source, government was able […]