Why and how Canada should lower the voting age to 16

Federico Vargas Why and how Canada should lower the voting age to 16 Few today would question the right of 18-year-olds to vote in elections. Until as recently as 1971 however, Canadians younger than 21 years of age were barred from casting a ballot for federal elections. A survey conducted in 1958 also found that […]

Trump is a sore loser—and it’s hurting America’s democracy

Madeline Rowland The 2016 presidential election has become something of a spectator sport for Canadians. We have watched with a mix of horror and schadenfreude as Donald Trump rallies a sizeable base using little more than overt racism, scare tactics, and his (not so tremendous) business record. Watching the democratic process run its course this […]

Keeping our House in order: How the Speaker of the Commons is Chosen

Alexa Grieg The night of October 19th, 2015 was a big one for Canadians. Many outstanding (and longstanding) questions were answered. Did voter turnout finally increase? A whopping 69.1 per cent of eligible voters exercised their democratic right to vote, the highest turnout in a Canadian federal election since 1993. Did we elect a new […]

Don’t call it “positivity”. Call it “respect”.

Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston Do you believe that the Liberals won this campaign because of “positivity”, or “sunny ways”? If so, congratulations: you’ve just lost yourself an election. Attributing their win to “positivity” is making exactly the same mistake the Conservative campaign recently made. The seeds of the Tories’ rout can be seen in the subtext of […]