Foreign Direct Investment in Canada: A Complicated Opportunity

by Kyle Muir The Government of Canada’s recent decision to block the purchase of Aecon Group Inc. by Chinese state owned enterprise (SOE) CCCC International Holdings Ltd. for $1.5 billion in the interest of ‘national security’ is the just latest example of the country’s habit of placing politics ahead of economic prosperity when faced with […]

If They Don’t Complain, We Will (Continue to) Build It: China’s Latest Fait Accompli in the South China Sea

Ernest Chong Geopolitical debate often aspires to acta non verba (“deeds, not words”). In the South China Sea, Beijing has seemingly embraced this aspiration wholeheartedly as the region’s honey badger. China’s latest act of fearless indifference? Spending the past year terraforming brand-new islands in the Sea’s hotly-contested Spratlys region. While it is not the first […]

Trade and Compromise with China: The Downplay of Human Rights

Lauren Wyman In recent months, the governments of Canada and China have been on a relationship roller-coaster. Accusations of a Chinese cyber attack on the National Research Council emerged in July, and just a few weeks later Canadian citizens Kevin and Julia Garratt were detained under allegations of espionage in what many believe to have […]

Selling Canada: FIPA and Canada’s Climate Future

Arielle Mayer This past Sunday, over 310 000 people from around the world convened in New York City for the much anticipated “People’s Climate March”. The timing and location of the march was not random; two days later, over 125 world leaders – including United States President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron – […]

Oh Look, Another Shiny Toy! Implications for China’s public displays of new military technology – Part Three

Ernest Chong We conclude our brief examination of China’s public unveilings of new military hardware with a look at some tempering factors and an assessment for the future. China’s military re-armament has some serious implications for regional and global security. Beijing has not made any sandbox friends by continuing to couple aggressive diplomacy with unrestrained […]