The Next Wave of Health Care that No One is Talking About

Jonathan Kates In a classic Simpsons episode, Bart is having trouble in school and starts acting out – what else is new – but his teacher, Mrs. Krabappel, realizes the cause of his behaviour isn’t psychological, but physical: Bart can’t see the chalkboard. The next day he arrives to class wearing thick-inched glasses and voilà! […]

Opinion: Why We Need to Talk About Paediatric Palliative Care

Andrea Bracaglia Over the last several weeks, after surveying friends and colleagues on the topic of paediatric palliative care, I learned that, by and large, it was unheard of. Despite approximately 50,000 children dying each year in Canada from a wide range of illnesses, including cancer and various neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases, paediatric palliative care […]

Poor Long-Term Outcomes for Participants of the Live-in Caregiver Program

Daphne Cheung The long-standing stereotype of the Filipino nanny is shockingly difficult to dispel. The Made in Canada report catalogues that 95% of participants of Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) are women; and of these the Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative (TIEDI) reports that 90% were born in the Philippines. While over 88% of participants in […]