The Intersection of Climate Change and the LGBTQ+ Community: Where Does Canada Stand?

As the news cycle continues to broadcast the devastating effects of a warming climate, both the national and international community have rightly recognized the disproportionate impact that climate change has on vulnerable communities, particularly women and Indigenous communities.

By the Numbers: Question Period

BY Nick Thompson For those familiar with Canadian politics, Question Period is arguably the most important part of a given day in the House of Commons. One of the only times where all Members of Parliament (MPs) are present at once, it regularly produces the nightly news’ most played clips. What is often mentioned less, […]

Ontario’s tax system hurts marginal earnings of low-income individuals

by Jessica Rapson Code and Dataset Highlights In Ontario, the increase in taxes and decrease in benefits that follow from an income increase substantially depress marginal earnings for low earners, reducing additional income gains by 70% to over 100% These low marginal earnings may disincentivize individual efforts to increase income at lower earning levels […]

New Zealand’s Response to the Age-Old Question: Does Money Buy Happiness?

by Matt Condie and Steven Giallelis In association with the David Suzuki Foundation, this article was written to inform the public of the shortcomings of GDP-oriented policy making and potential solutions to ensure the health and sustainability of our economy and citizens for years to come. Through public awareness, the policy community can develop action […]

Nova Scotia’s E-Cigarette Ban: Implications for Other Provinces

by Melissa Slauenwhite The introduction of e-cigarettes and vapes, as a tool for adult smokers to deal with nicotine addiction, is affecting the health of young Canadians and has created an unanticipated and serious policy issue. There have been more than 2200 reports of severe lung disease linked to vaping in the United States, with similar rates […]

SRO Programs in Ontario’s Public Schools

Unpacking Equity is a collaboration between the Public Policy and Governance Review and the Equity, Diversity and Public Policy Initiative (EDPP) at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. This series aims to explain equity-related policy issues and break down complicated topics involving equity, diversity and inclusion. Policy professionals can gain a better […]