Nova Scotia’s E-Cigarette Ban: Implications for Other Provinces

by Melissa Slauenwhite The introduction of e-cigarettes and vapes, as a tool for adult smokers to deal with nicotine addiction, is affecting the health of young Canadians and has created an unanticipated and serious policy issue. There have been more than 2200 reports of severe lung disease linked to vaping in the United States, with similar rates […]

Social Enterprise: An Emerging Business Model for Social Change

Kelly Rahardja Ontario’s social enterprise sector is booming, and it’s about time. As Canadian governments and businesses continue to invest in social initiatives and entrepreneurs, future innovation and economic growth is something we can all look forward to. But what exactly is a social enterprise? Social enterprises defined Broadly defined, social enterprises are businesses that […]

What Budget 2017 means for young Canadians

Natalie Brunet & Caleb Holden Last March, a careful listener might have been able to pick out the collective sigh of Canadian youth as they realized that the Trudeau Government’s first budget – touted as his chance to deliver on the many promises in the Liberal platform directed at 18-24 year olds – had come […]

Looking Upstream: Why a Systems Approach to Homelessness Calls for Prevention

Amanda Buchnea Canada’s adoption of a Housing First approach at the federal, and in many cases, provincial and local levels has been a positive step in using empirical evidence to develop strategies, programs and policies to end homelessness. However, in general, the response to homelessness has often remained focused on reactive measures, such as emergency […]

Opportunity Knocks: Ending Homelessness in Canada

Amanda Buchnea  New developments around Canadian federal housing policy bring the nation to a crossroads in which we must ask: Is Canada ready and willing to take the steps necessary to end homelessness? A number of events and announcements from throughout November 2016 suggest that the answer could be ‘yes’. The 2016 National Conference on […]

The Next Wave of Health Care that No One is Talking About

Jonathan Kates In a classic Simpsons episode, Bart is having trouble in school and starts acting out – what else is new – but his teacher, Mrs. Krabappel, realizes the cause of his behaviour isn’t psychological, but physical: Bart can’t see the chalkboard. The next day he arrives to class wearing thick-inched glasses and voilà! […]