Pan-Canadian Perspectives: Regulating car-sharing in Regina

Editor’s Note: This week, the PPGR is publishing commentary articles from public policy and public administration students at universities across Canada. This Pan-Canadian Perspectives series is meant to highlight voices from coast to coast, addressing diverse issues of local and national importance. This article, from Anna Lozhkina at the University of Regina, considers how city […]

Diversity and Inclusion in the Canadian Workforce

According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “diversity is Canada’s strength”. Canada is known as a multicultural nation that celebrates its historically diverse population. However, many people still face negative experiences and exclusion in the workplace due to their distinct backgrounds. To provide context, a diverse workforce is “made up of individuals who have an array […]

Three Major Problems with Hydro Solved by Shifting Costs from Bills to Taxes

Marvin JS Ferrer Electricity bills were expected to play a big role in the upcoming Ontario provincial election in 2018. However, the Ontario government implemented a plan to temporarily absorb some costs and lower bills by 25%. The opposition Progressive Conservatives also propose going further to lower bills a further 12.5 percentage points. Generating, transmitting, […]

Freezing Temperatures, Frozen Budgets: How Toronto is Failing its Homeless Citizens

Emily Burton-Brown With temperatures dropping as low as -37 C with wind chill, Toronto experienced record breaking cold this winter. This prompted Environment Canada to issue an extreme cold weather alert, triggering the opening of temporary Warming Respite Centres for the city’s homeless. The homeless needed no warning: freezing temperatures have already contributed to overcrowding […]