A Policy for Lonely Hearts

Joseph Sorestad The UK’s appointment of a Minister for Loneliness has sent a clear message: social isolation is a problem big enough for its own file. It’s a noble sentiment, as isolation is a problem shared by many. The question, however, is how can bureaucracy provide a social service in which success is tied to […]

Building a Wall: Germany and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

Wir schaffen das. We can do it. So said Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding the decision to allow over a million asylum-seekers into Germany. However, the last German election in September 2017 saw the collapse of her governing coalition, and the rise of the far-right, anti-immigrant AfD (Alternative for Germany). The recent failure of coalition talks […]

Why is London banning Uber?

Caleb Holden On September 22nd, Greater London’s municipal transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), announced that it would not renew Uber’s five-year operating licence beyond its September 30th expiration date, highlighting the ride-sharing company’s “lack of corporate responsibility” as an important factor in their decision. Should the decision stand, it will have a major impact […]

C’est Chic: Paris’ New and Improved Affordable Housing Strategy

Brynne Moore In what is being described as one of the most radical proposals that Europe has ever seen, Paris is redesigning the way that cities can offer affordable housing in the future. In June of 2015, Paris city officials allocated three new pre-existing mixed-income buildings to French social housing, in the first and eighth […]

Air France, Fair France? A Look at French Labour Unrest

Sarah MacDonald When one thinks of Paris, the sight of a half-dressed executive running from an angry mob is far from the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is exactly what has been shown by world media over the past weeks. The conflict started with the airline Air France’s cost cutting measures, which […]