Bill C-59, Canada’s Secret Spy Agency, and the Cyber Offensive

By Bryan Roh Update 1: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Bill C-59 was currently undergoing second reading in the Senate. That error has now been corrected. Update 2: Some text has been changed to better reflect the authorities of the CSE under Bill C-59. On June 20th, 2017, the Canadian government introduced Bill C-59, an ambitious piece of national security legislation that proposes to dramatically overhaul the […]

Canada on the World Stage

Joost van de Loo Foreign Policy: A Conceptual Discussion Foreign policy is an essential part of every nation-state’s central focus—put simply, it’s a government’s blueprint on how it will interact with actors outside of its borders. Foreign policies include policy decisions a government makes on how it interacts with other countries; examples include trade agreements […]

Canada’s Policy Transformations – January 17 2018

Good morning PPGR enthusiasts! As we wind down the celebrations for Canada’s sesquicentennial, this week’s Morning Brief is a special edition, highlighting Canada’s Policy Transformations: The Last 50 and the Next, a major conference where both academics and policy influencers reflected on the country’s past in order to speculate about its future. This week’s Morning Brief was […]

Does Canada Want an Arctic Future?

The Arctic is yet again in the international spotlight due to the voyage of the Xuelong, a Chinese government icebreaker. The Xuelong, which is currently on an official scientific research mission, was recently reported by Chinese state-run media to be collecting data on the viability of Canada’s northern waters for international trade. Though this action […]

Resorting to Criminal Behaviour: An Economic Perspective

Stephanie Wong Correctional facilities are supposed to rehabilitate criminals. It should come as a surprise, then, that in 2003 the federal government reported a reconviction rate of 14 per cent for violent crime offenders, and 30 per cent for non-violent crime offenders. It appears that despite the billions of dollars spent by federal and provincial […]