Inviting Amazon: Toronto’s Trade-Off

After a year of cities petitioning their services and assets to Amazon, the tech company announced their shortlist for potential areas for their second HQ on January 19. Out of 20 cities, Toronto was the only one outside of the United States to make the list, which included strong competitors such as Washington, Miami, Boston, […]

Daylight Savings Time – A Tale of Unintended Consequences

Michael Smolinski Yes, you do get an extra hour of sleep on that one morning in November, but does that really make up for the dreaded morning in March when you lose an hour? Or the biannual ritual of having to adjust every clock in your house? Daylight savings time is simply an inconvenient policy, […]

Preparing for Machine Learning

Aniket Kumar While machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are often equated, they are distinct. Both offer incredible promise in uncovering relations in data, but raise many ethical challenges as they are widely deployed. Nick Bostrom in Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies classifies different types of AI on a spectrum from low-level intelligence to superintelligence. AI, […]

Brain Drain in the Technology Industry: Canada’s Need to Stay Ahead in the Game

Jennifer Yi The long shadow that United States casts over Canada is ubiquitous across all industries; there are US companies eclipsing Canadian companies through merger and take-over, the dominating role in entertainment by Hollywood and the large migration of skilled professionals and top researchers from Canada to the United States in the technology industry. Elon […]

Canada needs a Parliamentary Science Officer

Alexia Bystrzycki The past nine years have not been halcyon times for the state of science in Canada. Previous instances, including the decision to scrap the long form census as well as the unprecedented investigation by the Information Commissioner into complaints of “muzzled” Canadian scientists in the public service, have earned the former Conservative government the […]

Seen and Heard: ‘Silence of the Labs’ Screening

Jordann Thirgood In January, the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto hosted a public screening of “Silence of the Labs” in collaboration with Evidence for Democracy (E4D), a non-partisan organization that advocates for transparency and evidence-based decision-making in public policy. Since then, E4D has continued to screen the film across the […]