Who Benefits From Ford’s Changes to Rent Control?

By: Caroline Xhaferri Ford’s Conservative government introduced its first long-term strategy termed the 2018 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review, designed to reduce the Province’s deficit and to “help people make ends meet”. Rent control policies in Ontario plays a vital role in mitigating the effects of changing demographics as a result of global attractiveness […]

Freezing Temperatures, Frozen Budgets: How Toronto is Failing its Homeless Citizens

Emily Burton-Brown With temperatures dropping as low as -37 C with wind chill, Toronto experienced record breaking cold this winter. This prompted Environment Canada to issue an extreme cold weather alert, triggering the opening of temporary Warming Respite Centres for the city’s homeless. The homeless needed no warning: freezing temperatures have already contributed to overcrowding […]

MPACC 2018: Affordable Rental Housing in the City of Toronto

Ian T. D. Thomson and Lina Pulido On January 19, graduate students from the School of Public Policy & Governance (SPPG) and the Department of Geography and Planning took part in the 2018 Municipal Policy Action Case Competition (MPACC) at the University of Toronto. MPACC is an annual student-led case competition geared towards tackling problems […]

The affordable housing dilemma – January 31st, 2018

Good morning subscribers and welcome to this week’s edition of the Morning Brief! With the waitlist for affordable housing in Ontario at nearly 200,000 households, affordable housing policy couldn’t be more of an important issue. The articles below examine some key housing challenges at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. This week’s Morning Brief was […]

Give up the dream: Why Toronto homebuyers should forget single-detached homes

by Sarah Caicco Current and future residents of Toronto should give up the dream of owning single-detached homes.  Toronto buyers should instead consider mid- and high-rise dwellings, which not only come with a reduced price tag, but with key long-term benefits of high density housing such as environmental sustainability and better health outcomes. Yet, despite […]