Nova Scotia's E-Cigarette Ban: Implications for Other Provinces

by Melissa Slauenwhite The introduction of e-cigarettes and vapes, as a tool for adult smokers to deal with nicotine addiction, is affecting the health of young Canadians and has created an unanticipated and serious policy issue. There have been more than 2200 reports of severe lung disease linked to vaping in the United States, with similar rates […]

The Future of Health Care: In Conversation with Shannon Lundquist

By Jolene Funk As technology advances, the opportunity for innovation across different sectors grows. For the health care industry, the present moment offers a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of the possible, but also presents challenges as the sector struggles to adapt while maintaining patient safety, allocating scarce resources, and adhering to standards of […]

A Policy for Lonely Hearts

Joseph Sorestad The UK’s appointment of a Minister for Loneliness has sent a clear message: social isolation is a problem big enough for its own file. It’s a noble sentiment, as isolation is a problem shared by many. The question, however, is how can bureaucracy provide a social service in which success is tied to […]

The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Legalization

Jasper Paredes As many Canadians already know, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government plans to fundamentally change the way cannabis is handled and sold in Canada. Their proposed Cannabis Act is expected to become law by July 2018, and aims to establish a strict framework for regulating the production, distribution, selling, and possession of cannabis across Canada. […]