Why Only Giving Welfare Benefits to the Poor is Unfair… to the Poor

Means-testing benefits hurts the middle class and those who want to join it By Marvin JS Ferrer Many Canadian federal and provincial government social welfare programs are targeted mainly at lower-income individuals and families.  The rationale behind this “means-tested” approach to welfare benefits is that people who have higher incomes do not need social assistance. […]

Metrolinx Weekend GO Expansion Off to a Good Start

Weekend ridership jumps after weekend service is introduced to the Barrie line.  But is it enough? Marvin JS Ferrer Metrolinx is engaged in a long-term dramatic expansion of weekday and weekend GO train service in the Greater Toronto Area.  In a promising start, at the beginning of 2017 Metrolinx introduced weekend Barrie GO train service, […]

A Closer Look at Drug Addiction in Canada.

Harpreet Sahota With the Canadian government planning to legalize marijuana by July 2018, now is an important time to discuss the impact of existing drug policies in Canada. The criminalization of drugs has created a huge burden on the criminal justice system and has contributed to the continual stigmatization of people with drug addictions. The […]

Legislative Electoral Systems’ Effect on Gender Parity

Maya Efrati The saying is that women hold up half the sky. But if that’s the case, they must be doing so silently – at least in government. Women’s representation, even in Western and supposedly equal nations, is dismal; gender inequality is a problem in legislative systems around the world. Worldwide, the average representation of […]