Ontario’s tax system hurts marginal earnings of low-income individuals

by Jessica Rapson Code and Dataset https://github.com/UnrequitedReason/Ontario-Taxes Highlights In Ontario, the increase in taxes and decrease in benefits that follow from an income increase substantially depress marginal earnings for low earners, reducing additional income gains by 70% to over 100% These low marginal earnings may disincentivize individual efforts to increase income at lower earning levels […]

Unpacking Equity: Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Toronto

Unpacking Equity is a collaboration between the Public Policy and Governance Review and the Gender, Diversity and Public Policy Initiative (GDPP) at the School of Public Policy and Governance. This series aims to explain equity-related policy issues and break down complicated topics involving equity, diversity and inclusion. Policy professionals can gain a better understanding of these […]

Three Major Problems with Hydro Solved by Shifting Costs from Bills to Taxes

Marvin JS Ferrer Electricity bills were expected to play a big role in the upcoming Ontario provincial election in 2018. However, the Ontario government implemented a plan to temporarily absorb some costs and lower bills by 25%. The opposition Progressive Conservatives also propose going further to lower bills a further 12.5 percentage points. Generating, transmitting, […]

Corporation Tax Changes: A Brief Explainer

Three targets, two principles, and one underlying cause Marvin JS Ferrer The federal government is proposing changes to rules around corporation taxes, which would affect Canadians who control corporations.  Instead of being paid directly (for example, with a salary), Canadians can form a corporation, or “incorporate,” and direct income into the corporation, then receive a […]

Exploring Alternatives to the Universal Basic Income

Andrew Abballe and Jonathan Kates If you’ve been following any discussion of 21st century economic adaptation, you’ve likely come across the term “universal basic income” (UBI).  This is the concept that every person in a given jurisdiction will receive a minimum weekly or monthly payment, regardless of how much they work, or any income they […]

What Budget 2017 means for young Canadians

Natalie Brunet & Caleb Holden Last March, a careful listener might have been able to pick out the collective sigh of Canadian youth as they realized that the Trudeau Government’s first budget – touted as his chance to deliver on the many promises in the Liberal platform directed at 18-24 year olds – had come […]