A New Era of Brazilian Politics: The Election of Jair Bolsonaro

by Daniel Blazekovic Fernando Haddad hopelessly watched as 57 million Brazilians marked their support for Jair Bolsonaro, who will lead the world’s fourth largest democracy for the next four years. On October 28, 2018, Jair Bolsonaro – a right-wing populist – was elected President of Brazil after receiving 55.1% of the popular vote. It is […]

The Crashing Pink Tide

by Daniel Blazekovic Brazil’s far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro maintains a substantial lead over his leftist rival Fernando Haddad in the lead-up to an October 28th run-off vote. Bolsonaro’s rise in popularity brings with it the end of a political phenomenon that arrived in Brazil fifteen years earlier with the election of socialist Lula Da […]

How Election Lawn Signs Silence Low Income Voters

by Megan Mattes During every election cycle, lawn signs spring up like weeds all over our neighbourhoods. Particularly in municipal elections, where candidates receive little media attention, lawn signs are a major component of political visibility and a tool for building name recognition and mobilizing voters. Though one 2016 study found that lawn signs increase […]

The road to Queen’s Park, and other election news – March 28, 2018

Good morning PPGR enthusiasts! Brace yourselves – it’s almost time for another provincial election in Ontario. The past few months have seen significant political turmoil with the resignation of Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown and rise of Doug Ford as the new PC leader going into the election. The articles below delve into other issues […]

The Throne Speech is not a Campaign Event

By Sacha Forstner On March 15th, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne unexpectedly prorogued the legislature for four days. For those unfamiliar with parliamentary jargon, “prorogation” refers to the ending of a legislative session by the Crown (always on the advice of the Premier). Practically speaking, prorogation means that the Legislative Assembly is temporarily shut down and all […]