What is an Economy for Anyways: A Talk with Dr. Yannick Beaudoin

by Steven Giallelis A Story of Wants: To those who don’t have much knowledge or experience in the field, hearing the word “economics” or “economy” may bring shivers down their backs at the mere thought of mathematic calculations. Even more so, such terms beyond use in conversation may not be truly understood. Many may find […]

Who Benefits From Ford’s Changes to Rent Control?

By: Caroline Xhaferri Ford’s Conservative government introduced its first long-term strategy termed the 2018 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review, designed to reduce the Province’s deficit and to “help people make ends meet”. Rent control policies in Ontario plays a vital role in mitigating the effects of changing demographics as a result of global attractiveness […]

Charged Up: The Benefits and Costs of Sourcing Energy – January 25th, 2019

Good morning subscribers!   The rise of renewable energy sources has been linked to a decrease in carbon emissions and an increase in jobs, which is good for economic growth and environmental sustainability. However, to ensure that the transition towards renewable energy sources is both effective and equitable there are many key considerations that must […]

Is it time for us to break up with GDP?

By: Lawrence Zhang How do we measure the economic well-being of a country?  Despite the popularity of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the end-all-be-all measure of economic activity, many would argue that GDP is far from the best way to measure economic well-being. From news reports, to speeches by politicians, to international publications, GDP […]

The GM Closure in Oshawa and the Future of the Auto Industry in Canada

by Daniel Blazekovic On November 7, 1953, production began at the Oshawa General Motors (GM) assembly plant. A century later, the Oshawa plant has become “the most decorated plant with 29 J.D. Power awards, [with] a proven track record of great quality and customer satisfaction.” On November 26, more than 65 years after GM began […]