Loot Box Loathing

Policy Implications of the Video Games Industry’s Latest Controversy Michael Smolinski and Cordell Philipps The video game industry is no stranger to controversy. From concerns that video games promote violence, to allegations that they are too addictive, the industry has rarely been free of criticism from outside observers. More recently, however, members within the video […]

Unpacking Equity: Gender Equity in the Media

Recent public allegations of sexual misconduct by powerful Hollywood players, while not exactly surprising, have sparked an open conversation about gender equity in the media industry. There are far fewer women than men in decision-making roles in the media industry, and thus women are not given an equal voice in influencing the roles written for […]

Ontario’s Culture Strategy: Monetizing the Arts

Mike Robichaux It’s a new year, kind of, and the Government of Ontario is getting ready to roll out its first-ever provincial Culture Strategy. The draft plan is slated for release this winter (so, any day now), and will be based on an extensive process of public consultation through which Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have tried […]

Is it time to lay Cancon to rest?

Ali Nasser Virji I’m not willing to divulge the exact number of leisure hours Netflix managed to exact from me in 2015. It’s high. My roommates and I do not pay for cable; it’s unlikely that we ever will. We’re not alone. In technical terms, we may be part of an ill-tracked group known as […]

Web Summit 2015: The Davos of Geeks

Shelby Challis This month  marked the 6th annual Web Summit, the largest technology conference in the world, held annually in Dublin, Ireland. The conference welcomed a record-breaking 42,000 attendees from 134 countries across the globe. On offer were hundreds of speakers discussing a range of topics that included Big Data, cybersecurity, clicktivism, neuroscience, and, of […]

Marketing Canadian Cinema: the Tough Sell

Mike Robichaux This year’s iteration of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) boasted a whole lot of Canadian content. The bill of featured directors on the TIFF 2015 website, in fact, read a bit like an exhaustive list of every Canadian who has ever made or attempted to make a movie this century. You had […]