Niche Affordable Housing Models, Collective Resource Sharing…and Bernie Sanders?

Shelby Challis A report released last month on Canada’s National Housing Strategy details the findings of nearly four months of public consultations with housing experts, stakeholders, and Canadians from across the country. The report identifies priority areas, and highlights ideas on how to redefine solutions to our housing crisis. Some of the priority areas included […]

Fintech: Offering Financial Inclusion in an Increasingly Decentralized World?

Shelby Challis Last month, I had the opportunity to attend MoneyConf 2016, a two-day global conference that focused on technological innovations within the financial sector, otherwise known as the Fintech industry. This year’s conference was hosted in Madrid, and brought together disruptive startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and some of the world’s leading financial institutions. The event drew […]

Summer Camps: Helping Children and Youth Cope with Neurological Disorders

Shelby Challis  As summer approaches, many of us might be beginning to look forward to vacations abroad, or even just some  free time that we can finally spend at our leisure. However, for many families and caregivers of children with mental health disorders, the summer months mark an extremely stressful period. Not only is their child’s […]

Renewal and Redevelopment Reloaded: How Do We Up Toronto’s Housing Game

Shelby Challis Toronto is becoming unlivable. With a growing segment of its population suffering from precarious and inadequate housing, some would consider the city to be in the midst of crisis of housing affordability, however, this is fundamentally a city in crisis. The cost of living in Toronto, even for those who obtain access to […]