Why Canadians Need More Vacation

Shannon Brooks  On the day after Halloween, the city of Paris buzzed with the air of school holidays and a national holiday (All Saints’ Day) for workers. There’s a clear divide between North American countries and European countries like France in terms of the emphasis they place on leisure, and their investment in social well-being. […]

The Political Impact of a Growing Narrative of Fear

Shannon Brooks Recent news is flooded with headlines of political perspectives based on isolationism, and many upcoming electoral nominees are engaging with a strengthening “fear narrative.” Extremist views are spreading, which is leading to new world perspectives, and new political parties that could not have had the same influence or popular support as in the […]

Where Canada’s Health Care Fails: The Case of Lyme Disease

Shannon Brooks Recently, media outlets have started to draw public attention to the importance of public prevention against tick bites. However, public health policy has invested few resources into research to create a Canadian framework for combatting Lyme disease born of tick bites. Cases of Canadians being infected by Lyme-carrying ticks have spread throughout the […]

Is “Charitability” Going Out of Style? The Case of Goodwill

Shannon Brooks Amazon has largely taken commercial retailing out of the malls and brought it to people’s computer screens. Online banking has done the same for the banking industry. The reality is that the brick-and-mortar business model is going out of style, a trend readily applicable to the changing capacities of not-for-profit organizations. With the […]