Trudeau’s Moment in the Middle East

Mohamad Yaghi In 1919, the then  US President Woodrow Wilson set up an international commission to study the Ottoman Empire’s former mandates and the Middle East’s possible future. Remarkably, Wilson’s intention and objective was to understand the grievances of the Middle East’s inhabitants and create an American policy based on their opinions. Although Wilson’s new […]

Trudeau’s New Year’s Resolution: Improve Public Transit

Mohamad Yaghi Road works, traffic jams, and long drives – these are all typical everyday experiences urban commuters in major Canadian cities face. Often, many rightly complain that travel to and from work takes a considerable amount of time out of their day, but, contrary to the popular discourse, there have been substantial improvements to […]

Toronto the (Not So) Good

Mohamad Yaghi According to a report published last February by United Way Toronto, Toronto has become Canada’s epicenter of income inequality. Based on studies conducted by Statistics Canada and Research Data Centre Toronto, between 1980 and 2005 income inequality grew by 31 percent. Once Canada’s second highest city in income inequality, Toronto has skyrocketed to […]