Brush up on your Economic Literacy with a Primer on Employment Multipliers

Jenny Mutton Reports have surfaced showing that the Ontario government just spent another large sum to keep the Medical and Related Sciences (MaRS) partnership afloat. Nationally, the Canadian government is going through with a $15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, despite human rights concerns over its recent execution of 47 people. Inevitably in the […]

Vote Smarter: 3 Open Data Tools for a More Open Democracy

Jenny Mutton Our country’s current administration is not known for being open and transparent. So when making a voting decision in the federal election on October 19th, how can we arm ourselves with the information that we will need to make a smart choice? Politicians shouldn’t be enigmas. Their voting records and political speeches shouldn’t […]

“Literally” the Best Blog Post about Politicians’ Grammatical Errors

Jenny Mutton The grandstanding of politicians can result in all the famous speeches that we cite to prove the importance of rhetoric  (e.g. John F Kennedy’s“Ask not what your country can do for you,” and Winston Churchill’s’ “We shall fight on the beaches,” and Abraham Lincoln’s “Four score and seven years ago”). It can also result in displays […]

The Political Debate Around “The Middle Class” is Far From Classy

Jennifer Mutton “The Liberal Party, alone, is fighting for middle-class Canadians.” (John McCallum, Liberal, 2015) “Despite the NDP and the Liberals who have positioned themselves against middle-class families, I am proud that our government is giving money back to each and every family with children in Canada.” (Rob Clarke, Conservative, 2015) “I am concerned that the […]

Opinion: O, Canada – An Anthem Stuck in the Past

Jennifer Mutton The City of Toronto’s Executive Committee recently indefinitely deferred a motion that would have asked the federal government to consider changing the English version of Canada’s national anthem to make it more gender inclusive by replacing the words “all thy sons command” with “all of us command.” In the federal arena, MP Mauril Bélanger […]