Access to Health Care on Aboriginal Reserves  

Jasjit Goraya On March 10, 2016 images of First Nations children from the Nishnawbe Aski Nation who were covered in rashes and skin lesions surfaced on the internet. A total of 16 children with acute cases of skin infection were identified as in need of immediate medical help. Health Canada immediately issued a statement claiming […]

Off to the Races: Why Fantasy Sports Should be Regulated

Jasjit Goraya When one hears about fantasy sports, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a flashy website, a behemoth stadium, or a chiselled basketball player. Last month, comedian John Oliver changed that image when he described the fantasy sports industry—and the lack of regulation surrounding it. Oliver claimed that fantasy sports companies […]

Impaired Driving in Canada

Jas Goraya  On September 27, 2015, a minivan carrying six family members- three of them children under the age of 10- was struck by a drunk driver at the intersection of Kipling Avenue and Kirby road in Vaughan. The crash led to the tragic death of the three children and their grandfather. Police reported that […]

The Overrepresentation of Minority Youth in Canada’s Criminal Justice System

Jasjit Goraya Canadian criminologists and policymakers alike have long debated the issue of “disproportionate minority confinement,” or the overrepresentation of minority youth in the criminal justice system. This debate has been ongoing since the early 1980s, with seemingly no end in sight. Key among the reasons for its never-ending nature include: the fact that policies often […]