Back to Our Roots: The Case for Urban Green Space

Amelia Bredo As February nears its close, thoughts of spring are unavoidable. Although new greenery has yet to make an appearance, sporadic mild temperatures are brief reminders of what is soon to come. Every year, urban agriculture adapts to meet the needs of cities, working within while also challenging the laws that serve to enforce […]

PRESTO: Your Ticket to Ride

Amelia Bredo If you’ve ever experienced another city’s system of public transportation, your return to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) was likely accompanied by mixed emotions. Toronto’s streetcars, buses, and subways are crucial to the city’s operation, but the TTC falls behind other major cities in several key ways, namely in the use of an […]

Legalise It – Don’t Criminalise It: The Development of a Canadian Pot Policy

Amelia Bredo In the recent federal election, the Liberal Party of Canada campaigned with the promise to “legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana”. The current framework of criminalisation, the Liberals argued, traps too many non-violent offenders in the criminal justice system, which itself is expensive and supports organised crime, including the trafficking of hard […]

Toronto Police: “To Serve and Suspect”

Amelia Bredo On a sunny Saturday afternoon, three teenagers, whose names have been withheld for privacy, waited for a friend outside of Parkdale Collegiate Institute, a high school located in an ethnically and economically diverse neighbourhood in Toronto. As one of the few public areas in the neighbourhood, this was an obvious choice for a meeting […]