A Primer on Inclusive Zoning

Alyssa Wali Earlier this month, the government of Ontario announced its intention to give municipalities the ability to increase affordable housing units for lower to middle income households. Through the newly released inclusionary zoning measures, municipalities will have the option to mandate that developers include a percentage of affordable housing in new residential developments. Inclusionary […]

New Government, New Review: The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Alyssa Wali The temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) has been a fixture in Canadian immigration policy since 1973. The program was created to fill vacant employment positions throughout Canada, although it initially was limited to allowing only foreign agricultural workers and live-in caregivers entry to Canada. However, the program has been expanded to allow low-skilled […]

Innovation and Waste: Environmental Policy in the ‘K-Cup’ Era

Alyssa Wali Last week, Keurig “K-Cup” creator John Sylvan admitted to regretting his invention: plastic pods containing concentrated coffee mix, which are inserted into Keurig coffee machines to produce an individualized cup of joe. Because coffee is a staple for many, the widespread use of the machine and its K-Cups have contributed considerably towards the amount of waste […]