Why and how Canada should lower the voting age to 16

Federico Vargas Why and how Canada should lower the voting age to 16 Few today would question the right of 18-year-olds to vote in elections. Until as recently as 1971 however, Canadians younger than 21 years of age were barred from casting a ballot for federal elections. A survey conducted in 1958 also found that […]

What Budget 2017 means for young Canadians

Natalie Brunet & Caleb Holden Last March, a careful listener might have been able to pick out the collective sigh of Canadian youth as they realized that the Trudeau Government’s first budget – touted as his chance to deliver on the many promises in the Liberal platform directed at 18-24 year olds – had come […]

The YouTube Generation: Smarter than Ever

Abiola Sulaiman Online video has become the clear successor to traditional cable. Residents of the United States between 18 and 50 years old already spend more time watching videos on the Internet than they do on their televisions. In Canada, approximately 28 million adults have access to the Internet, and approximately the same proportion of […]

The Overrepresentation of Minority Youth in Canada’s Criminal Justice System

Jasjit Goraya Canadian criminologists and policymakers alike have long debated the issue of “disproportionate minority confinement,” or the overrepresentation of minority youth in the criminal justice system. This debate has been ongoing since the early 1980s, with seemingly no end in sight. Key among the reasons for its never-ending nature include: the fact that policies often […]